A Better Second Life


For all the benefits of the latest technology, what happens when gear is no longer needed, breaks, or its usefulness has been outpaced by the latest model has been a subject of much consternation. I have written several columns here about planned obsolescence, e-waste and e-recycling but a recent event has brought to light another […]

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I’m Just a Bill…


As I sit here in Cleveland during the Republican National Convention, I’m thinking about something I did not ever expect to happen in this current political climate — a recent bipartisan bill was introduced into the House of Representatives [Rep. Gene Green (D-TX) and Rep. Paul Cook (R-CA)] that aims to stop the flow of […]

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So a number of the news blurbs I came across related to this year’s Earth Day surrounded the growing scourge of e-waste. A main example was cell phones and how often people are changing out their devices to get the newest features or because of the inefficiencies of their older device. A typical cell phone […]

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How To Be a Heavy Metal Rock Star: eWaste and You


Got your attention, didn’t I? Well, Mr. Hiding-pictures-of-the-high school-mullet and Ms. Fingerless-lace-gloves-still-in-the-bottom-of-the-drawer, I’m not talking about your penchant for swinging your hair in tempo to Metallica. Rather, this month is a little education on the severity of e-waste (including heavy metals) and how we must address this issue as an industry. Let’s chat first about […]

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