Ever Wondered If Anyone Would Provide a Simple Solution to Fix Bad Mic Levels on DSLR Cameras?


Sescom just launched two DSLR attenuating line (with 43dB Pad) to mic level cables that provide properly matched mic level signals. Sescom SES-43DB cables, featuring two conductor shielded cable, reduce professional two-volt line level audio signals from sources such as mixers, tape recorders and CD players by 43dB to an unbalanced DSLR microphone level input. Available in two […]

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Atomos Launches Ninja Assassin for 4K/HD Camera


In 2014, Atomos did actually revolutionize the HD to 4K transition with the announcement of Shogun. Now comes their Ninja Assassin – combining professional 4K/HD recording and a 7″ 1920×1080 monitor (with playback and editing) in a compact add-on to existing DSLR, mirrorless and video as well as cinema cameras. The Ninja Assassin claims the […]

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Turning Users Into Heroes


It’s safe to say that just about everyone researching a product or company likes a good case study. The story. The context. The technology. Oh yeah: the marketing spin. Have you noticed that the majority of “case studies”  covered in today’s trade publications are more hype and pull quotes than meaningful examples of need/challenge/solution? Surely […]

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