The Cloud Versus On-Prem, That Is the Question


One of the first marketing/technology terms that I learned when I joined a video managed services company in 2008 — versus previously working at a telecom company — was the difference between a cloud-based service (not a weather system) versus on-prem (aka on-site) hardware products. I currently work for a digital signage company that provides […]

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2014: Unified Communications and Collaboration Further Redefined


The “Disruptors” Enter the Market In 2013, executives, engineers, salespeople and others who came from well-known industry videoconferencing manufacturers entered the market and continued to build upon a newly growing landscape of communications innovation through the implementation of advanced technologies – cloud computing and virtual machine (VM). Certain companies had already existed in this space […]

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PS Audio Ships New PowerPlay CloudAV-Based Power Conditioner

PS Audio is now shipping the world’s first cloud computing (or CloudAV) based line of power conditioners.  What’s that mean?  Well, they are web controlled power conditioners to utilize so-called “cloud computing” for access and control. Cloud computing represents a major paradigm shift in control and communication over the internet that will eventually create a […]

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