The Need to Develop an IT-Based Mindset to Sell Cloud and Software Solutions

August 10, 2016

I had an interesting conversation the other day with someone who has been talking about possibly bringing me on to do sales for his company. He has been talking for a while about a recurring revenue based solution sales position and then goes on to call it a “cloud salesman.” Then I think to myself […]

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A UCC Story in Real Life

May 23, 2016

I like sitting at Starbucks for an hour or two occasionally, writing a blog, listening to music. One day recently I’m there, not too crowded, some guy walks in and sets up his laptop at a table near mine. He gets on the phone and after about 10 minutes he’s talking a bit loud, sounds […]

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Disruptive Forces in AV/IT — Part 1: Blue Jeans

April 9, 2014

OK, here we go with the first in a series on numerous participants in the new market of disruptive technologies. The groundwork has been laid in the prologue that was published late last week, you may want to first refer back to that if you haven’t read it yet to get set up for the […]

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ISE Becomes World’s Largest AV Trade Show and Has Six Clear Tech Themes

February 10, 2014

Before the doors closed on the 2014 edition of the Integrated Systems Europe (ISE) last week in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, nearly every exhibitor already knew it was a record show. NEC reported to us on Day 2 of the show that they’d seen a 40 percent increase on leads on Day 1 over 2013’s totals. […]

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Blue Jeans Network Offers Cloud-Based Videoconferencing

April 23, 2012

Blue Jeans Network offers videoconferencing in the cloud. At $299 per port, per month, Blue Jeans likes to call its strategy an “MCU Killer.” The company’s “virtual MCU” can be anywhere from 65-90 percent less over three years than the physical MCU, says Blue Jeans. The Blue Jeans Network service enables users to hold a […]

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