Prepping for the Busy Season

May 8, 2018

Every winter into late spring, I anxiously await for the arrival of summer — and not just because I live in a cold, snow-filled environment for seven months out of the year. I am anxious for it because at that time of the year summer seems so appealing. The students (and most of the faculty) […]

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Will 2017 See the Start of ‘Digital Sunset?’

December 12, 2016

Didn’t we just have Analog Sunset? And, what the heck is Digital Sunset? Yes, it’s true that it seems that we just completed Analog Sunset — the retiring of everything analog (in mainstream technology, that is) and the realization that all things will become digital. That ended, believe it or not, like six years ago […]

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Hello, Analog Sunset: Part 1

February 14, 2011

As I understand it, when people talk about the analog sunset, they’re referring to two specific issues. First is the Image Constraint Token that prevents Blu-ray players from outputting HD video via the analog outputs. The second is the cessation of analog video by broadcasters. The two issues are distinct, yet inter-related. It was about […]

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