dasaudio-logoDominican Republic – January 2015… On October 18th at the Center Court of the Hotel Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club, Puerto Rican reggaeton singer/songwriter/producer and actor Daddy Yankee performed his version of urban music to an enthusiastic audience of approximately 18,000 people. The Center Court is one big outdoor performance venue, so when the crowds approach the maximum 20,000 person capacity—as they did for the Daddy Yankee concert—a serious sound reinforcement system is required. To ensure the music had all the power it needed, a sizeable assortment of loudspeakers drawn from the Aero Series 2 and Road catalogs of Valencia, Spain-based D.A.S. Audio were placed into service.

Dominican Republic-based Enlab, a technical production services company specializing in audio, lighting, video, and staging for concerts, tours, and special events, was contracted to handle sound reinforcement for the Daddy Yankee concert. Ultimately, the Enlab team deployed a setup consisting of forty D.A.S. Aero 40A powered, 3-way line array elements, twenty-nine LX-218CA powered, high performance subwoofers, ten Aero 12A powered, 2-way line array enclosures, and two Road 12A powered stage monitors. Enlab CEO Emmanuel Martinez, who in addition to administering the company’s business also serves as a system technician, discussed the project.

“The main stage setup included thirty-two Aero 40A line arrays—16 enclosures each for the left and right hangs,” Martinez explained. “For low frequency support, we placed six LX-218CA subs per side beneath the left – right hangs plus another twelve LX-218CA’s across the center of the stage. Front fills were handled with four Aero 12A’s. Our delay setup included eight Aero 40A’s—positioned four enclosures each for left and right. The side fill setup included six Aero 12A enclosures along with four LX-218CA subs. And for the DJ, we used two Road 12A powered monitors along with an LX-218CA subwoofer.”

When queried about those D.A.S. attributes he finds most appealing, Martinez offered the following, “This is a very potent system with impressive sonic quality throughout the frequency range. The system delivered impressive low end while the high frequency sound was just right. The sound quality of the D.A.S. equipment is exceptional, with broad horizontal dispersion and excellent throw. This resulted in a system that delivered consistent coverage throughout the venue.”

“I also love the fact that the entire system is self-powered,” Martinez continued. “The self-powered design means that you needn’t be concerned about matching suitable amps for the loudspeakers and there’s no need to worry about where the amp racks will go. Further, this arrangement streamlines system cabling and helps with more efficient truck pack. Perhaps best of all, the D.A.S. equipment is extremely reliable.”

For companies like Enlab, responsive customer support services are essential. Here, too, Martinez considers D.A.S. Audio first rate. “We have been a D.A.S. customer for many years,” Martinez reports, “and we are proud and happy to be part of the D.A.S. family. The service is excellent and company representatives are always available to assist us whenever we need support.”

Before turning his attention to an upcoming project, Martinez offered these final thoughts, “I’m pleased to tell you that every aspect of our D.A.S. sound system performed very well. Everyone was very happy with the sound quality and we received numerous compliments. This included Javier Diaz, the engineer who mixed the concert. He loved the system! For us, it is a blessing to be part of the D.A.S. family. Over the years, our relationship has grown and, as a result, both companies are providing better services and products.”

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