Very Scary AV Installs – Part 2

April Fool’s Day is behind us, and we have to admit, some gags had us fooled, some had us laughing, and some certainly had us shaking our heads.

In the spirit of such tomfoolery, we’ve rounded up a second dose of some of the most cringe-worthy (and often laughable) AV installations out there. Check out my first list here.

The problem is, these aren’t jokes. These guys may think they’re getting by, but they’re certainly not Getting it Right.

Some folks have polarized screens; some have umbrellas…

Scary Installs 1

Some celebrate with fireworks, others with fire…

Scary Installs 2

We may have made an inflatable mount, but we didn’t consider rope…

Scary Installs 3

The most luxurious and customizable TV stand…

Scary Installs 4

Now, here’s a secure option….

Scary Installs 5


Scary Installs 6

Even slicker.

Scary Installs 7

Don’t tease us like that.

Scary Installs 8


Integrators: What’s the most ridiculous DIY mess you’ve fixed? Tell us your tales below!

Earl Naegele

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