GreenAV – Episode 4: It’s Showtime in 2013

GreenAVThis month, listen in while Midori chats with two event production experts, Johanna Walsh and Jill Drury. They chat a little about effective tactics for successful teams when it comes to implementing green practices (besides being two beautiful and charming women!), purchasing considerations from a buyer’s perspective, as well as how Jill has worked to create a culture of sustainability in her organization. Plus, Midori dishes out her first month of the 2013 Green Challenge!

Link to ASTM Standards:

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Midori Connolly

About Midori Connolly

Midori Connolly is the founder of AVGirl Productions in California. She wrote the first-ever set of Sustainable Staging best practices after discovering none existed. She was the co-chair of the AV committee for the ASTM Standard for Environmentally Sustainable Meetings and is a speaker, writer and consultant for green practices in live events and meeting planning. Reach her at