Calling All Entrepreneurs and Start-ups: Come Show Your Stuff at IC18

A few years back the InfoComm Trade show decided to nourish its own by opening the Innovation Showcase — it quickly became a star attraction in the InfoComm crown. What’s not to like? There are big prizes, creativity oozing out of every crack, Soon to be famous entrepreneurs (there are rumors Elon Musk considered showing, but he was busy building a moon rocket), tons of cool stuff to see, and of course the staple energy source of all startups — coffee. Lots of coffee.

It’s not too lake to take advantage of this incredible community service offered to the AV world entrepreneur. Get your startup recognized all over the press and have a line of prospects waiting to see your stuff. OK, I was channeling Dale Carnegie for a moment there, but you get the picture. AVIXA and the InfoComm trade show want to give your startup a chance to get noticed for cheap. If you know an AV-related startup, then send them this link and when they are super successful, they will owe you many beers.

Find out about registering your startup here.

Richard Blackwell

About Richard Blackwell

Richard Blackwell is the President and Chief Visionary of Linked2Software, a cloud-based building automation and equipment monitoring company. A Veteran U.S. Navy Nuclear Propulsion Plant Supervisor and Graduate of Ga. Tech in Physics and Electrical Engineering, Richard has been in the AV and software industries for 20+ years. Richard received the first U.S. Patent awarded for Video Conferencing Integration in 1996. He speaks and writes regularly about industry topics ranging from Green-AV to IoT and cloud computing. He serves on the InfoComm Foundation Board of Directors and IoT Steering Committee. In the past he has also served on InfoComm Membership Committee, InfoComm Independent Programmers Council, and as a member of InfoComm 100.