AV Insider — Episode 167: Alea Labs Room-By-Room Comfort, Air Quality, & Energy Savings: Meet The Most Advanced Air Distribution Platform Ever

AV Insider —Hamid Farzaneh, CEO of Alea Labs, and I speak about air quality and why it’s important to not only the your enjoinment outdoors, but more importantly, indoors. We cover this topic from residential to light commercial applications, and how Alea Labs has really created something unique that nobody else is doing yet — but should consider partnering with for your safety, your energy savings, and efficiency. On this episode we also talk about the California wildfires of 2017 & 2018, and Alea Labs’ “Smart Vents” that can help with clean air, identify poor air quality, unsafe air quality for you, your fiends, and family. All this and so much more, on this episode of AV Insider.

Johnny Mota

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Johnny Mota is a systems integrator in northern California. He writes for rAVe [Publications] as a member of the BlogSquad, as well as SF New Tech, Geek Beat TV, Lust Gadget and other places. He also acts as the social media manager for a few AV and automation companies. He loves art, technology and lamp. Don’t make it weird. You can reach him at johnnymota3@gmail.com.