TrueConf and Yamaha Announce Technology Cooperation

TrueConf and Yamaha have announced full compatibility of TrueConf software and Yamaha’s YVC-series speakerphones. The integration is designed to improve video conferencing quality in meeting rooms worldwide.

Under the partnership, TrueConf has certified Yamaha YVC-1000 and YVC-300 conference speakerphones and ensured their full compatibility with TrueConf software. In addition, TrueConf provided additional integration which allows TrueConf users to remotely control hardware microphone buttons in Yamaha speakerphones.

TrueConf and Yamaha

Thanks to TrueConf and Yamaha interoperability, users can furnish their meeting rooms with a range of accessible audio peripherals and enjoy high-quality video conferencing.

Yamaha’s YVC-series speakerphones can be connected to PCs, smartphones, tablets and legacy video conferencing systems, while audio settings are optimized with a single touch. Yamaha solutions ensure high sound quality on multiple channels by mixing several audio sources connected to different interfaces. DSP-processing technologies are used to create a productivity-enhancing environment for business communication.

“We believe that TrueConf and Yamaha partnership will have a positive impact on the sphere of unified communications and collaboration“ — said Dmitry Odintsov, Chief Business Development Officer of TrueConf. “Interoperability between TrueConf’s video conferencing solutions and a range of Yamaha’s professional conference speakerphones will be in high demand in various business areas”.

“We are happy to announce our cooperation with TrueConf” — comments Dmitry Levkovsky, Chief Sales Department Manager at Yamaha Music (Russia). “By closely collaborating with TrueConf, we will deliver the best audio quality to our joint users. Yamaha constantly strives to make its products user-friendly and versatile”

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