The Cable Diaries: The Time Is NOW! Bye, bye cable!

bye-twc-graphicWRITER’S NOTE: The identity of our current not-so-current cable provider has been poorly and ineffectually pixelated to give you the impression that I care about their identity being concealed. Which I do not. 

Well AV ladies and AV gents, the time has come. In just a few minutes I will be getting up from my desk, getting in my car, and driving over to the Schmime Schwarner Schmable office and pulling the plug on our cable services.

Our contract with them ends July 23rd but we have to notify them by today whether or not we will be renewing.

Sadly we have to keep their shoddy internet because it appears they have a monopoly on the little town of Hillsborough, North Carolina where my husband and I live. We tried to get Century Link, but Century Link doesn’t provide service in our neighborhood. Yet, they send us promotional flyers. WHAT? Tell me how THAT makes sense. You send us promotional flyers, but you don’t provide service to our area. Phooey!

Anywho. If you’ve been following along on my “Cable Diaries Journey” – you know that this is a decision that my husband and I have not taken lightly. In fact, we have taken our sweet time coming to this conclusion that cutting the cable cord is (for now) the way to go.

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With the impending birth of our first child (any day now!), the continued HORRIBLE service we’ve received with our current provider (with no attempt on their part to fix it in any way), and our realization that we could use the money savings, we just figure now is the time to give it a shot.

Will we remain without cable (or satellite???) forever? Probably not. We may not even last a full month. We could very well cave in by the end of August and say, “GIVE ME BACK MY PRIMETIME TELEVISION AND UNNECESSARY REALITY SHOWS!!!!!”

And by we, I mean me. The “boiling cauldron of testosterone” that is my husband (his words) does not watch unnecessary reality shows.

But, for now, we are DEFINITELY saying buh-bye to our craptastic cable provider. (Yes, I just used the word craptastic in a professional blog post. Forgive me? Can we still be friends?)

I’ll keep you posted on what happens from here on out.

But, for now, no more cable. But YES to Apple TV and Netflix, etc. 🙂

By the way, that gives me a great segue to ask you this: have you filled out our latest survey? It’s about this very topic!

What about you guys? Have any of you cut cable recently? Do you think we’re making a smart decision?