The Cable Diaries: The Day Five C.C.


cutcableSo, I sort of left you hanging after my last post in The Cable Diaries series.

I announced my husband and I were finally cutting cable.

Well, I thought I’d just give you all a quick update… we are now in the day Five C.C. – you know… C.C. = cut cable. Like, B.C. or A.D… get it? No?

That’s five days post officially cutting-cable.

And the truth is, my husband and I haven’t even noticed it’s gone. It’s been glorious.

The weight off our back has been lifted and it’s like a renewed sense of, “Just think of all the things we can accomplish now! And with the extra money we’ll be saving by NOT having cable! FREEEDOM!!!!


Now, who knows if our love of no-cable will last long. We may decide in a month that we hate it and go crawling back. But for now, we are happy and cable-free.

What about you? Have you done anything recently that has been a huge relief to you? A weight lifted off your shoulders? Something as simple (or maybe very complex) as cutting cable?