Planar Studios Grows Offering with New AR and XR CarbonLight VX Series

planarPlanar introduced the Planar CarbonLight VX Series, a line of LED display solutions aimed at virtual production (VP) and extended reality (XR) markets. Featuring a lightweight, patented carbon fiber construction, the Planar CarbonLight VX Series supports indoor fine pitch LED video walls, ceiling and flooring installations. The Planar CarbonLight VX Series will begin shipping in July.

Introduced as part of the Planar Studios initiative, the Planar CarbonLight VX Series bolsters Planar’s selection of cutting-edge LED display products that deliver the performance and capabilities today’s VP and XR professionals need to create realistic on-screen content. The Planar CarbonLight VX Series offers VP and XR customers LED solutions that support a range of studio sizes and configurations for unparalleled flexibility in studio setup and configuration.

The Planar CarbonLight VX Series introduces two LED display lines that are designed to integrate with VP and XR stages, including the Planar CarbonLight CLI VX Series and Planar CarbonLight CLF VX Series. The Planar CarbonLight CLI VX Series supports hanging, wall-mounted, free-standing and curved LED video wall installations, in addition to other unique shapes that are intended to help smaller stages appear larger. This includes 90-degree corners, made possible by the series’ beveled edges. Planar CarbonLight CLI VX Series also allows customers to remove and install cabinets anywhere within the video wall without disrupting the overall layout.

Available in 1.9 and 2.6-millimeter pixel pitches, the Planar CarbonLight CLI VX Series features models with Brompton VP controllers. The Planar CarbonLight CLI VX Series also comes in models featuring VP controllers from Colorlight.

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Planar CarbonLight CLI VX Series features HDR support, improved thermal management and uniformity, precise color management and a wide color gamut for greater color compatibility. This includes up to DCI-P3 color space with the Planar CarbonLight CLI VX1.9 model. The family also includes a high LED refresh rate (3840Hz) to support smooth motion and offers frame rates ranging from 24 – 144 Hz to ensure compatibility with various camera settings. In addition to delivering in-person and in-frame image performance, the Planar CarbonLight CLI VX Series’ narrow pixel pitches support close viewing distances. Audiences can view content as close as 14 feet away without seeing any individual pixels on the display.

The new LED video wall line also features a common cathode architecture to consume less power and heat. With high-strength carbon fiber frames and Planar CarbonLight bracketry, it supports quick video wall assembly for fast-paced applications. The new Planar CarbonLight CLF VX Series LED flooring features a 2.6-millimeter pixel pitch and can be used to create a high-resolution continuous canvas for on-camera scenes, virtually expanding physical environments.