Kindermann Still Debuted Klick & Show Wireless Presentation System @ ISE 2018 in Amsterdam – Regardless of What Barco Wanted

The Kindermann Klick & Show wireless presentation solution was originally launched into the market in October 2017. During the course of the ISE 2018 the product was presented to a larger AV community for the first time and immediately turned out to be a tremendous success — even though Barco issued a press release claiming to ask Kindermann to pull the product from their ISE stand. Kindermann told rAVe they were even able to sign numerous distribution contracts right on the show floor at ISE. 

You may recall that we published this press release from Barco the first day of the show — Barco told rAVe that day that it felt Kindermann was in violation of the ClickShare patents. However, Kindermann contacted us during the show to tell us that they were not asked to remove the product from their stand at ISE. 

The Klick & Show is a 4K BYOD wireless presentation solution designed for small to mid-sized meeting rooms, classrooms and huddle spaces. Kindermann Klick & Show comes as a kit containing the K-10S wireless base unit and two Klick & Show TOUCH transmitters that are basically USB dongles with a touch-sensitive (not button) surface. 

The Klick & Show TOUCH transmitter is a compact Wi-Fi touch-sensitive dongle which is connected to the laptop via USB. A touch on the dongle’s top surface activates the laptop as the active source during a presentation of a single person or group of persons and live content is mirrored to the main display. The dongle features a dual-color LED indicator and “force-feedback” vibration (similar to a vibrating mobile phone) to provide feedback about the activity status to the user.

The Klick & Show base unit is a cross-platform BYOD (Bring your own Device) receiver and is market as an AV/IT bridge with built-in IEEE 802.11n/ac WiFi function (2.4 + 5 GHz) and integrated PoE compatible RJ45 network interface. It features an HDMI 2.0 scaling-engine for high resolution 4K@6) (4:4:4 at 8-bit color) signal output. In addition, the base unit features an HDMI input for external sources up to 4K60Hz (4:4:4, 8-bit color) resolution.

Kindermann used ISE to debut a new version of the Klick & Show with firmware where a USB-HID (mouse) mode was added. In addition, a new Preview and Moderator function was added.

The system is compatible to PC and Mac computers, supports Airplay for Apple devices and there are free apps available for iOS and Android mobile devices.

Details on the Klick & Show are here.