Join Us for a Fact-Based Supply Chain Discussion

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Are you sick of supply chain issues and wondering when they will end? Join Gary Kayye as he leads a panel of AV professionals in a fact-based discussion on the supply chain crisis and when product shortages will be solved during LAVNCH WEEK 6.

“The problematic supply chain is important to all of us, because it is one of the first giant issues that we all, collectively, have no control over,” said Kayye. “We own, appreciate and leverage the relationship that we have, but in the case of a deficient supply chain, that’s doesn’t even work.”

The panel — featuring Aurora Multimedia’s Paul Harris, bluesalve partners’ Avi Rosenthal, Southtown AV’s Heather Sidorwicz and Crestron’s Brad Hintze — is scheduled to take place on Wednesday, Oct. 26 at 3 p.m. ET.

Click here to take a short survey and let us know how the supply chain is impacting you; this survey will be used as a part of the discussion on Oct. 26.

“Supply chain issues have changed the way we, as integrators, play the game,
said Sidorwicz. “No longer can you sell a job, order it and install it. Integration companies have had to become creative in their approach and recommit to the way the address their business model.”

LAVNCH WEEK 6 Registration“For example, if the products you use are back ordered until late next year, do you find an alternative or do you wait?” questioned Sidorwicz. “And if you wait, you then need to consider cash flow and client expectations. I have been saying ‘Only the strong will survive.’ Some days, I’m not 100%, I’m on the strong side.”

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This LAVNCH WEEK 6 panel marks the first time representatives from Crestron and Aurora Multimedia will speak together publicly about supply chain issues after a public spat over a string of marketing emails.

“I am pleased to be on the supply channel as I will give a different outlook and understanding,” said Aurora’s Harris. “My goal is not just to educate the end users, consultants and dealers, but other manufacturers as well with best practice and ways to minimize the impacts to ultimately deliver products. It is a team effort for everyone to get through this and Aurora is committed to helping all.”

“It’s no secret supply chain issues have negatively affected our whole industry, Crestron included. We have spent the last several months working with our dealers and partners to mitigate the impact of the obstacles we all face,” added Hintze. “I’m looking forward to being on the panel to discuss how manufacturers and dealers can continue to work together to get through this moment and set ourselves up for a rapid recovery.”

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