Take our 1-Minute AV, UCC and Digital Signage Supply Chain Survey

LW6 Panel Survey 01

We need your help to understand where our industry is in solving supply-chain issues and/or shortening delivery times for key AV, UCC and Digital Signage gear.

We are all, collectively, weathering the fallout of the pandemic as best we can. In some cases, it’s meant changing the way we work forever. In other cases, it’s left us without a clear path forward. No other pandemic-related issue has upended this market as much as the so-called supply chain issues. As we all know, this isn’t exclusive to the AV markets. It’s affected building materials, cars and even clothing. However,, there are dozens of manufacturers out there, in our core markets, still experiencing a plethora of supply chain shortages that are trickling down to affect everything.

We want to know how it’s affecting you. This is a short survey (maybe one minute, tops) that will serve as a barometer for the entire market on where we are today. We kept it short in hopes to encourage greater participation. In fact, taking it will take you half as long as you spent reading this article about it.

So, please, take it now: