Almo E4v Roundup Part 5: Kehr and Guzauckas Just Provided the Keys to AV Bringing Back Live Events and In-Person Meetings in 2021

almo e4v live events
The live events and the in-person meetings markets were, well, decimated in mid-March due to the COVID pandemic. And no one seemed to know what to do — well, almost no one. Don Guzauckas, of HB Live, joined Tom Kehr today at the Almo ProAV E4v virtual show, during his “The Future of Meetings and Events” session and explained what HB Live did — it pivoted to virtual and hybrid, nearly overnight. And, like many live events companies since this spring, HB Live has been holding online events ever since.

But, the big question that everyone joined the session for was, “when will we be back live?” And, as a follow-up, “how do we do it right?”

Well, the two of them provided the keys to reopening in-person meetings to real attendees as well as live events in 2021. And, it starts with protecting your own teams — when it comes to AV techs and service providers.

“Sanitation and social distancing comfort levels need to be front and center,” Kehr explained to the 500+ online attendees. “We’ve even seen companies issue color-coded bracelets to everyone indicating comfort levels with everything from shaking hands to ‘don’t touch me’ scenarios.”

But, among other great takeaways, a big one was the references provided to the attendees. Kehr and Guzauckas delivered the finale by listing off some websites that everyone should bookmark as well as a couple of online guidebooks that will help educate their teams in regards to dos and don’ts:

“People want to meet,” Guzauckas explained, “We just need to help them weigh the risks of in-person versus hybrid events and help them ease back into it.”

This is our new reality.

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