cAValry Rides and ISE 2015 – The Show Must Go On

After completing four episodes of The cAValry Rides! Show on rAVe RADIO, we have received accolades from many — in fact our show has been called everything from Drive Time to Morning Zoo. Our guests Tweet out after every show recording in excitement telling about their show experiences. For our latest Episode 4: Rabbits, Potholes and Brett Favre, Oh My!, we welcomed our new cAValry Rider Stacy Kringlen to go along with Mark Coxon, Chuck Espinoza and myself, as well guests John Greene (in a return from Episode 3), Leonard Suskin (a fellow rAVe Pubs writer) and Chara Kelley (a Google Glass Explorer and personal friend of mine). Here are pictures from The cAValry Rides! Show Episode 4:


After completing four successful episodes of The cAValry Rides! Show, we’re happy to announce that we have launched a campaign to send two members of The cAValry to Amsterdam for ISE 2015 to partner with rAVe to help cover the show. Mark will remain home in California staying up till all hours of the night working along with us to cover the show while drinking an endless supply of coffee.

Here is the link to our campaign, please take a look at our story, pictures, videos from ISE 2014 and of course the perks you get for your contributions. You can contribute as much as you’d like and the great stuff you get for each specific contribution level are indicated.

As we hope for your support to send us to ISE to do our show and more partnered with rAVe, we look to continue bringing the highly entertaining show you have come to know now with great guests and features including Sound Check, Chucktoberfest, cAValRants, The Sports Bash Report and more to come. Mark Coxon leads the charge for each show and Chuck, Stacy and I co-host and look to bring the laughs as well as some good tech talk to one of the most unique show formats in the AV industry.

Here we go, it’s time to Saddle Up!

Here are the links to all four episodes of The cAValry Rides! Show:

Episode 1 (untitled) with Kelly Perkins, Stacy Kringlen and Hailey Klein

Episode 2: A Dysfunctional rAVe Family Thanksgiving with Gina Sansivero, Johnny (Double Awesome) Mota and Scott Tiner

Episode 3: What’s In A Name? with John Greene, Renea Dalton and George Fournier

Episode 4: Rabbits, Potholes and Brett Favre, Oh My! with John Greene (again?), Leonard Suskin and Google Glass Explorer Chara Kelley

And take a look at all of the great rAVe RADIO shows here.