AV Power Up! – Episode 23: Surprise! It’s a Birthday Show (Part Two)

PowerUP_logo0708In Part Two Christa and the Crew welcome: –

– Sara Abrons (@saraabrons) of rAVe Publications

(And Bradford sticks around for more)

While Bradford keeps talking, Sara joins us to talk about rAVe, blogs, bacon and minions – she also yells a classic line which you can’t miss. Let’s just say Hope immediately turned over that part of the co-host job to her.

Johnny has stuff on Plum and the Lightpad smart dimmer (Bradford stole his things), Chuck delivers the Power of Things talking about “cool new” tech and the Jabberwocky, and Rich tells you all you need to know to find some of those Hot Jobs yourself. We also talk about an upcoming charity run that Hope is participating in.

So enjoy the rest of the show – make sure you listened to Part One (or this will make little to no sense whatsoever).


And Power Up!