AV Power Up! – Episode 23: Surprise! It’s a Birthday Show (Part One)

PowerUP_logo0708Months in the making (OK days), a birthday episode was put together and surprise guests were invited. One of the show’s co-hosts had a birthday on the day of this show’s recording and three guests arrived, all identities unknown to him. Just consider this the AV/IT/IoT (Technology!) “This Is Your Life” show.

Join Host Christa (@AVChrista) Bender and the Crew – Corey (@Cbmoss) Moss, Chuck (@madsoundguy) Espinoza, Stacy (@Vaddio_Stacy) Kringlen, Hope (@BeerAndPie) Roth, Johnny (@JMOTA3) Mota, and Rich (@RichardPrevete) Prevete as they welcome their first two guests:

The Bradford Benn (@BradfordBenn) of Harman International (props and all)

– Gina Sansivero (@GinaSans) of FSR, Inc.

(And even a surprise visit from Stacy’s daughter Kenzie)

Bradford is on vacation and while he has shut down all communications with the business world he decided to join us to talk about all kinds of things (not stuff – Johnny won’t allow it). And acknowledge Stacy’s tweets too. Gina calls us all the way from the west coast though she can’t figure out it’s time to eat breakfast or dinner. Think she travels a lot? While she can’t stop by and visit Johnny on this trip she says that she’ll visit him soon – like December. And she talks about a certain baseball game she attended with the birthday person – can’t miss that one.

Rich continues his totally unauthorized “That’s a Lotta” series – today we talk projectors. Or should we say we dump on them. And the rest of the Crew does their usual thing – whatever that is.

So check out this Part One and stay tuned for more (that’s Stuff and more)…