AV Power Up! – Episode 62: We Bring the Disruptive and the New to You (Part 1)

AVPowerUp_750x400Join the Crew: Host Corey Moss, Deron Pinchback, Sandra Ciarlo (the new!) and guest Crew member Mike Shinn as the welcome their guests:

Dave Schwartz – VP, Sales at Oblong Industries

Jake Corlett – Regional Manager-North Central at Biamp

Chris Bledsoe – Sr. Director Evangelism & Developer Programs at Bluescape

Kevin Zevchik – U.S. Manager at AV Stumpfl

Disruptive Forces in AV (and IT). It all began with a blog series on rAVe Pubs in April of 2014 and then at InfoComm that year with the Disruptive Top 10 – a launch of sorts of a project exploring those that would look to disrupt the market with their technologies. Both relative newcomers and established veteran companies showed their stuff that made impacts on the market. It happened again at InfoComm 2015 and now InfoComm 2016 with 10 more, including one company that brought a message and another whose Co-Founder/CTO represented as the innovator.

On this show we have four of the ten that made the list and certainly all showed greatly at InfoComm. You’ll hear about their solutions, the show experience for all of them and yes, even the long timer on the list felt highly motivated with the disruptive tag. Along with the tech and trade show discussion comes the usual AVP humor which all became a part of what turned out to be a great podcast show had by all, we hope it will be for you too.

As with every episode you get the Tier PM Hot Jobs and these two happen to be in the exact same place – something about pahking yah cah. We also introduce our brand new Crew member Sandy Ciarlo and let’s just say one guy out there may just be beaming with pride, or waiting for her in his office – we shall see (hint: she nailed it!).

So sit back and enjoy this part one as we bring you four of the Top 10, part two is coming next week with more of those who made the list.

Here is the InfoComm 2016 Disruptive Top 10.


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