Transforming the Industry at InfoComm 2016 : My Disruptive Top 10

For the third year at the show I picked my top 10 solutions, however this year I actually looked for a different angle – as in has disruptive become a worn out term in the industry? I asked around, on the verge of a social media game, to come up with that word to replace it. Some sent me suggestions for terms to replace it with to which I said good try, however it seems that the term that is usually followed by innovation is still very much an identifier of forward moving technology transformation.

If you talk about changing the game, we really look more at transforming an industry, as we expect to see at InfoComm every year among the various industry realms.

Here is my InfoComm 2016 list:

1. Oblong Industries: Mezzanine

The future of work is here with Infopresence. 


At InfoComm16, Oblong Industries demonstrated its ground-breaking immersive visual collaboration solution, Mezzanine™, featuring a dynamic and interactive experience across multiple devices, display surfaces, and locations.  Mezzanine is characterized by its fluid user interface that spans multiple screen surfaces to enable work groups to connect, contribute and control content and data from almost any computing device – laptop, tablet, smart phone – from any location.  With information present across displays surrounding a room – an incomparable Infopresence experience is achieved.  By connecting workspaces between rooms, with remote participants accessing the shared workspace via browser, Mezzanine provides the most valuable collaboration experience for teams tasked with solving the most pressing business issues.

The newest enhancement to Mezzanine, Mezz-In, enables rich collaboration for remote participants by integrating video conferencing into the Mezzanine web client. External meeting collaborators have full visibility to the Mezzanine workspace, and the ability to upload content and control presentations, with easy screen-sharing capabilities via Chrome. Mezz-In premiered at InfoComm 2016 and will be released to customers later this summer.

Watch my video interview with Dave Schwartz:

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2. Biamp: TesiraLUX

Putting the V in AVB.


Building on the legacy of the company’s award-winning line of digital signal processing (DSP)-based products, at InfoComm 2016 Biamp Systems unveiled TesiraLUX™, which introduces low-latency, 4K networked video distribution to the Tesira platform. The groundbreaking solution transports both audio and video signals over a single network through the reliability of AVB/TSN.

TesiraLUX supports the latest advancements in video formats, including 4096×2160 at 60-Hz, high dynamic range (HDR) and the Rec. 2020 color space. It can accept video at up to 16-bit color depth with 4:4:4 chroma subsampling, as well as supports 8 channels of embedded PCM audio, which can be broken out to be routed and processed independently. The system also manages EDID automatically between the TesiraLUX device and the input source/output display thanks to scalers in both the encoder and decoder. By utilizing AVB/TSN, TesiraLUX guarantees a total system latency of less than two frames (33 ms at 60 Hz), including scaling, compression, and network transit. AVB/TSN bandwidth reservation capabilities coupled with TesiraLUX’s bandwidth management tools also set up customers to create truly converged networks rather than dedicated AV media distribution network infrastructure.

Watch this rAVe booth video:

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3. InFocus: Collaboration solutions environment, Canvas/Catalyst 4K, ConX and JTouch (and of course Mondopad)

A strategically varied collaboration environment in one company.  

Jupiter.Catalyst 4K

InFocus reinforced and expanded its push in collaboration technology with new products that allow people to work across the globe, collaborating simultaneously and in real time whether they are managing day-to-day operations or responding to emerging mission-critical situations. At InfoComm 2016, InFocus introduced Canvas 5 and Catalyst 4K, the latest versions of its collaborative visualization software and display wall processor.  These new products feature the best performance in their class, driving ultra HD video walls featuring stunning visual displays with native 4K output. Also on display was ConX, the new video conferencing system that the company introduced at ISE 2016. ConX features multi-endpoint video conferencing and content sharing, configurable for a range of applications, from the executive office to the boardroom.

InFocus enhanced its interactive, collaborative touchscreen and video conferencing products with projected capacitive touch and 4K resolution for more powerful and productive experiences. Specifically, InFocus introduced interactive 65-inch and 70-inch JTouch whiteboards, as well as the previously announced 40-inch JTouch whiteboard and 65-inch Canvas Touch with projected capacitive touch. Capacitive touch technology allows more touch points with faster response and bezel-free edge to edge glass, allowing for a brighter and sharper display, a sleek design and remarkably fluid multi-touch capabilities. This to go along with a new 65-inch Mondopad as well.

Watch my video interview with Devon Wright and Glenn Jystad:

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4. Logitech Video Collaboration: GROUP Kit/Conference Cam Kit and LCP partnership program

Video collaboration further defined with a well built partner environment.


While many organizations encourage their employees to bring their own laptops into meeting a rooms and running a video call from there – what Logitech calls BYOC – other companies like to have dedicated room systems, ensuring a more consistent video experience. Until recently, organizations have often taken a DIY approach to building their video conference rooms. While this is a great concept, there are several factors that need to be considered including computer processing power, cabling, etc. Logitech recognized this challenge and has worked with Intel to create a conference room bundle – the Logitech GROUP Kit (also available with the company’s ConferenceCam Connect for smaller rooms).

Logitech recently announced the addition of 15 new partners to the Logitech Collaboration Program (LCP), less than 12 months since the program launched. The program also now features two tracks — one for cloud video conferencing providers and one for complementary technologies. The program’s inaugural members include video conferencing providers BlueJeans, BroadSoft, C2G, Lifesize, Vidyo and Zoom, other partners include Intel,, Fuze,  InFocus and Pexip. Leveraging a broad ecosystem of solutions ranging from cloud video services to innovative meeting room tools, the program enables third-party software and hardware companies to integrate and optimize product functionality with Logitech products and ensure creation of video solutions that are easy to use and deploy.

Watch my video interview with Vic Bhagat:

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5. Bluescape: Cloud-based visual collaboration

An enhanced (SaaS) model for the visual collaboration workspace.


Bluescape is a visual collaborative workspace with limitless possibilities, capacity and utility which scales to any screen size, stores data instantly and securely in the cloud and supports countless media types and third-party files. Bluescape allows an unlimited number of users access to as many workspaces, provides built-in AV conferencing for remote teams and allows unlimited, individual workspaces for multiple projects, tasks, or levels of access.

Bluescape connects teams, tools, processes and content in one collaborative workspace by facilitating instant collaboration across geographies and devices, allowing them to screenshare, annotate and present instantly along with extending access to guest users with just a simple invite. Granting access to your workspaces from anywhere, on any internet-enabled device Bluescape provides workspace access via web browser, iOS® or Android® app, or multi-touch display and connects users to the cloud-based application anywhere in the world.

Watch this Bluescape product intro video:

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6. Polycom: RealPresence Centro

The first video solution which puts people at the center of collaboration

Polycom Centro

RealPresence Centro is the first visual collaboration solution purpose-built so that the technology is no longer a distraction to engagement and interaction, but rather a seamless, empowering experience that defies distance. The system embraces natural human instincts and advanced technology to draw people together into a powerful, collaborative circle, giving everyone equality of contribution regardless of where they are located. It serves as a powerful collaboration and content sharing hub.

RealPresence Centro’s innovative approach to room layout allows everyone to easily see and be seen, no matter where they are in the space. Unlike traditional conference rooms, RealPresence Centro is designed to be paired with furniture that supports comfort and the desired ambiance. Comfort is essential for teams involved in innovating and making decisions for hours at a time. You can move the system to wherever a meeting needs to occur within your facility; giving you maximum flexibility with full audio, voice, video, and content sharing functionalities. RealPresence Centro transforms how people collaborate so your teams can realize maximum productivity, wherever they are.

Watch this rAVe booth video:

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7. AV Stumpfl: Wings Engine Raw 8K

The world’s first 4K, 4-output machine in a single system that gives full 8K output


AV Stumpfl’s 8K version of Wings Engine Raw is an upgraded high-performance media server that delivers 4 streams of full 4K uncompressed content at 60z, plus media overlays, text generation and show control on top. It is intended for media-based installations requiring high-resolution content. A single Wings Engine Raw server can manage content over a virtually unlimited amount of LED screens or drive a 4x4K projection system with soft edge blending, mapping and geometry correction. Alternatively, Wings Engine Raw can be used to blend or overlay multiple parallel HD, 4K, 5K or even 6K streams in real time. Show start and control is frame accurate and without any delay.

Wings Engine Raw uses a custom engineered RAID 10 system and now includes 4 DisplayPort 1.2 video interfaces, professional multi-channel audio options and various input options such as DVI, HDMI 2.0 and 3G-SDI. Found in rental fleets as well as some of the most high-tech visitor attractions worldwide, the super media server was deployed at US-based Motor Shows and the IAA Frankfurt.

Watch this rAVe booth video:

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8. Visix: Paper-White e-paper and Android tablet signage

Taking interactive control of your meeting spaces with e-paper signs and Android tablets.

Visix eps-page

Visix introduced a new Paper-White EPS room sign at InfoComm 2016. The sign has a brighter display background with low reflectivity for high readability, and allows for both black and red colors on screen. The company also launched two new Connect room sign solutions at the show – a software-only version for Android tablets and a new, improved user interface for the company’s current Connect interactive room sign.

Known for their AxisTV digital signage enterprise software solution, the company demoed the latest release (v.9.4) with a brand new user interface, support for VLC players and RTSP streams, and improved scheduling features on both PC and Mac machines. Multiple examples of AxisTV’s powerful data integration tools were also on display, with auto-updating content like news-in-pictures, directory databases, event schedules, energy dashboards, animated weather, Excel and XML, SharePoint and more.

Watch this rAVe booth video:

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9. Stewart Filmscreen: 16K+ ready screens

A disruptive message: It’s about 16K, but it’s not just about resolution.


When technology professionals discuss 4K, 8K and 16K image resolution, many people assume this relates only to pixel density. While the number of pixels does correlate to the amount of information—the resolution—of a given image, the light engine, the processor, internal and exit optics, and even the projection screen also affect the visible resolution. Today’s standards refer to both source information and visual acuity. With this in mind, higher resolution displays can actually enhance lower resolution content and improve the viewing experience. Studios such as NHK, Sony, and Red Digital Cinema are currently embracing 8K video capture, and 16K, or 15360 x 8640 digital cinema, may not be far behind.

When 16K projectors are available, Stewart Filmscreen will be waiting. Commercial theaters and other venues using Stewart Filmscreen products today will have no need to upgrade their projection screens to meet resolution demands of 16K+. But this isn’t just about future-proofing screens for the next generation—it’s about providing the highest quality materials available today.

Watch my video interview with Katye McGregor Bennett, Vijita U.G. and Mark Robinson:

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10. Vyopta: vAnalytics

My Innovations Showcase pick: Real-time monitoring and optimization for video collaboration. 


Vyopta provides a single system to monitor and optimize video and unified collaboration networks. Our flagship vAnalytics product includes a Real Time Monitoring and Alerts to make troubleshooting fast and easy so UC support teams can improve user experience and save time while supporting rapid increases in collaboration usage. We also have a Historical Analytics product that collects, cleans, merges, and organizes data from all the major vendors to produce insights to drive adoption, improve user experience, and optimize resource efficiency for UC infrastructure and endpoints.

vAnalytics is the only comprehensive UC analytics tool in the market and currently monitors more than 500 million video collaboration minutes per year from leading technology vendors including Cisco, WebEx, Polycom, Microsoft, Vidyo, Acano and Pexip. vAnalytics is used by many of the largest private and public enterprises across more than 20 industries including healthcare, technology, financial services, government, and higher education.

Watch my video interview with Jabob Borgeson:

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The Bonus: Disruptive innovator – Roger Hajjar CTO at Prysm

A major contribution to the science of audio visual experiences. 

Prysm Roger Hajjar

Dr. Roger Hajjar CTO at Prysm, a visual and digital workplace innovator, was given the prestigious 2016 Adele De Berri Pioneers of AV Award, an award which is given annually to recognize individuals who have made significant contributions to the science of audiovisual experiences. Dr. Hajjar was chosen for his Laser Phosphor Display (LPD) technology, a novel display platform that leverages single-wavelength lasers to excite a phosphor screen and create images. LPD overcomes the shortcomings of legacy large format, indoor, display technologies (LCD, DLP and LED) and unlocks new visualization, collaboration and engagement opportunities for large displays.

“Optical Sciences and its applications have intrigued me since I was young. This curiosity has led to the technology that is the foundation of the Prysm portfolio today,” said Dr. Hajjar. “Our touch screen large format LPD display technology has enabled organizations around the world to increase their productivity and accelerate their critical decision making every day. I am very honored to see our work in the industry recognized with such a prestigious award, and I would like to thank the entire Prysm team that contributed in bringing this technology to the market.”

Watch this rAVe booth video:  

An interview with Dr. Hajjar will be following soon as we explore The Science Behind the Technology, a new blog series to come on rAVe with industry technology leaders.