A LIVE Demo of Teleportivity Deployed in a UNC Classroom



Last month, I wrote about Teleportivity, a scalable and fully integrated help desk solution. Here is a takeaway from that article from a University campus help-desk perspective:

“We need to fix this stat: On university campuses, fewer than 10% of Level 1 support inquiries and service calls are successfully answered. That means the other 90% of problems go unresolved. If this doesn’t reveal there’s a bandwidth problem, we don’t know what would. But don’t blame AV/IT tech managers for this — when you think about all the technology on a university campus, it would seem nearly impossible to wrangle all the support needed from manufacturers/integrators to keep the operation running smoothly, all the time.”

UNC recently deployed Teleportivity in an active-learning classroom in the Hussman School of Journalism and Media, and you should 100% watch this video in which I do a LIVE demo. We actually installed TWO solutions from Teleportivity at UNC: the video help point solution and the QR codes and NFC tags for live information solution.