Zuzana Yalcin Appointed as Head of Marketing for easescreen

Zuzana Yalcin

While women are still underrepresented in the AV and Digital Signage industry, there has been a slow but steady increase in the number of women in upper management positions. The current war for talent and the overall effort of our industry to bring in young professionals necessitate creative thinking and an open-minded approach.

With a background in the security industry and a degree in literature, Zuzana Yalcin only discovered Digital Signage six months ago when she joined the Austrian-based easescreen team.

“I was immediately hooked,” she said. “It amazed me how omnipresent and versatile Digital Signage was, and I immediately knew that it would be a fulfilling challenge to do Marketing for easescreen.”

After an intense few months of industry training, networking and departmental restructuring, easescreen CEO Gerhard Pichler appointed Yalcin as Head of Marketing.

“Starting with the job interview and the first few days on the job, it was immediately clear that Zuzana would be a great win for the company. Despite coming from a different industry, she immediately adopted our spirit and understood from the beginning what the challenges and opportunities are. I especially value her drive, intelligence and eagerness to keep learning and growing — in her department and beyond,” said Pichler.

“And it’s my job to share it with the world.” said Yalcin. She also wants to tell the story of Digital Signage: Where do we come from as an industry? Where are we going? And how do we serve people around the world?

Apart from being active in the AVIXA Women’s Council DACH, she has also recently joined Women of Digital Signage and the DSE Advisory Board. Through her efforts, she hopes to not only promote Digital Signage but also to attract other young women to the AV and digital signage industry.