Zoom Video Communications Expands Zoom IQ


Today Zoom Video Communications announced the expansion of Zoom IQ, a companion that summarizes chat threads, organizes ideas, drafts content for chats, emails and whiteboard sessions, creates meeting agendas and more. The company also announced it will use OpenAI to bolster its unique federated approach to AI based on flexibility.

Zoom’s federated approach to AI leverages its proprietary AI models, those from leading AI companies — such as OpenAI — and select customers’ models. With this flexibility to incorporate multiple models, Zoom aims to provide the most value for its customers’ diverse needs. These models can also be customized to perform better for customers based on their vocabulary and requirements.

In today’s work environment, workers find it increasingly difficult to balance workday priorities between emails, team chats, meetings and project management tasks. Teams are also looking for ways to better co-create effectively in real-time. To help solve these challenges, Zoom IQ will have a host of new capabilities scheduled to release soon, including:

  • Zoom IQ chat compose: Zoom Team Chat users can soon use the compose feature to help compose messages based on the conversational context in addition to changing message tone to customize suggested responses.
  • Zoom IQ email compose: Harnessing the power of Generative AI, users will get email draft suggestions in response to the conversational context from prior Zoom Meetings, Zoom Phone calls and email threads. Available initially in Zoom IQ for Sales.
  • Zoom IQ meeting summary: Generate a summary, capture next steps and share via Team Chat, Zoom Calendar and email without recording the conversation, so those who didn’t attend will no longer have to sit through lengthy recordings.

Additionally, Zoom has made these new features available to all users:

  • Zoom Huddles (formerly Zoom Spots) is a new video-enabled virtual coworking space designed to foster ad-hoc discussions and relationship building, replicate the “working alongside” aspect of an open office and encourage free-form video-first conversations. Zoom Huddles is now available globally for customers to request early access by visiting the product page.
  • Intelligent Director uses multiple cameras in a Zoom Room to determine the best angle of the individuals in the room to display within the meeting. With high-quality, reliable video and voice, Intelligent Director also provides a best-in-class experience for remote participants. Available in beta soon.
  • Zoom Scheduler makes it easy to find a meeting time by sharing the host’s availability so others (even external participants) can book appointments. Zoom Scheduler reduces the back-and-forth hassle of manual scheduling by placing a meeting on the host’s calendar with a Zoom Meetings link already included, saving both participants time. Zoom Scheduler works with Zoom Meetings, Zoom Mail and Calendar and integrates with Google Calendar and Microsoft 365, so hosts can use their preferred calendar.