Zoom Enters Strategic Partnership With Anthropic, ‘Claude‘ AI Assistant Now Integrates With Zoom Contact Center

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Zoom announced a strategic partnership Tuesday with (and investment in) Anthropic, an AI safety and research company working to build reliable, interpretable and steerable AI systems. The collaboration with Anthropic aims to further bolster Zoom’s federated approach to AI by allowing Anthropic’s AI assistant, Claude, to be integrated with Zoom’s platform (which includes Team Chat, Meetings, Phone, Whiteboard, Zoom IQ), starting with Zoom Contact Center.

“Anthropic’s Constitutional AI model is primed to provide safe and responsible integrations for our next-generation innovations, beginning with the Zoom Contact Center portfolio. With Claude guiding agents toward trustworthy resolutions and powering self-service for end-users, companies will be able to take customer relationships to another level,” said Smita Hashim, chief product officer for Zoom. “Partnering with Anthropic also furthers our commitment to providing customers with our federated approach to AI, optimized to deliver outstanding customer experience outcomes. Additionally, with our investment, we are advancing leading-edge companies like Anthropic and helping to drive innovation in the Zoom ecosystem and beyond.”

Anthropics Claude AI is guided by 10 secret foundational pillars of fairness Engadget 1

Anthropic’s Claude AI is guided by 10 secret foundational pillars of fairness

“Partnering with a leading collaboration platform like Zoom allows us to put robust, steerable AI into the hands of more people and unlock its potential to help streamline everyday processes,” said Dario Amodei, CEO and co-founder of Anthropic. “We look forward to working together to showcase Anthropic’s capabilities and our joint commitment to enhancing productivity through intelligent solutions.”

Zoom’s federated approach to AI leverages its own proprietary AI models, along with those from AI companies — such as Anthropic — and select customers’ models. With this flexibility to incorporate multiple types of models, Zoom says it can provide “the most value for its customers’ diverse needs.”

As the next step in evolving the Zoom Contact Center portfolio, (Zoom Virtual Agent, Zoom Contact Center, Zoom Workforce Management), Zoom plans to incorporate Anthropic AI throughout its suite. In the near future, Zoom will also use AI to provide the right resources to agents, so customers receive “exceptional service experiences regardless of their reason for calling.”