Soon Zoom and Microsoft Teams Will Be Natively Interoperable

Zoom Rooms and Microsoft Teams

Zoom and Microsoft have worked together to enhance conference room interoperability and simplify how you connect to third-party meetings. How? The companies are collaborating to provide interoperability between both conference room solutions and streamlined meeting experiences. Available in early 2020, Zoom Rooms will be able to join Microsoft Teams meetings, and Microsoft Teams Rooms will be able to join Zoom meetings, all without the purchase of additional licenses or third-party services.

With the tap of a button, Microsoft Teams and Zoom users can join each other’s meetings on their room systems as guests with high-quality audio and video and have essential meeting functionality directly from their room systems. For Zoom customers, this means you can leverage your Zoom Rooms to join Microsoft Teams meetings with a tap of a button. Microsoft customers can also have a one-click Zoom meeting experience from a Microsoft Teams Room.

This modern web app-based approach supplements Zoom’s existing standards-based interoperability solution, Conference Room Connector. Conference Room Connector enables any traditional SIP or H.323 endpoint to join a Zoom meeting. It provides the back-end technology that allows Zoom Rooms to make outbound SIP and H.323 video calls to third-party endpoints and services.

Zoom also integrates with Teams and other Office 365 solutions, offering easy-to-use apps for Outlook, OneDrive and Skype for Business Server, as well as Azure Active Directory. This latest project brings interoperability to the conference room.

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