Zoom Leads Momentum Report for Video Conferencing

Out of 32 solution providers included in G2 Crowd’s 2018 Momentum Report for Video Conferencing, Zoom has received the highest satisfaction score of 100/100 and momentum score of 90/100, effectively making Zoom the leading pacesetter in the industry.

The Satisfaction score is based on customer contentment in end-user product attributes, popularity, statistical significance (number of G2 Crowd reviews), quality of reviews received (weighed based on thoroughness), age of reviews, overall customer satisfaction, and Net Promoter Score (NPS) on G2 Crowd.

A product’s Momentum score is calculated by a proprietary algorithm that factors in social, web, employee and review data that G2 Crowd has deemed influential in a company’s momentum. Software buyers can compare products in the Video Conferencing category according to their Momentum and Satisfaction scores to streamline the buying process and quickly identify trending products. For vendors, media, investors, and analysts, the Momentum Grid provides benchmarks for product comparison and market trend analysis. Badges are awarded to products with the top Momentum Grid Scores.

Products included in the Momentum Grid for Video Conferencing have received a minimum of 10 reviews. There must also be at least a year of G2 Crowd data for the product to be included. These ratings may change as the products are further developed, the vendors grow, and additional opinions are shared by users; a new Momentum Grid report will be issued for this category as significant data is collected.

The two scores combined to give Zoom’s overall Pacesetter score of 93.

Here’s the graphic produced from the report: