Zoom and Dropbox Announce Strategic Partnership to Expand Collaboration Capabilities

On Friday, Zoom announced a strategic, multi-phase partnership with Dropbox. The first stage of this partnership involves the development of integrated workflows between the two solutions as well as a strategic financial investment by Dropbox in Zoom. The workflows will allow joint customers to collaborate with the combined solutions, extend Zoom’s functionality and expose Zoom to hundreds of millions of Dropbox users. Subsequent phases of the partnership will involve deeper embedding of Zoom into the core Dropbox product and UI, as well as go-to-market programs.

In the Zoom and Dropbox integrated workflow, a user of both services will be able to:

  • Within Dropbox, users have the option to initiate or join a Zoom Meeting while viewing and working on shared content. This new integration will be built into the existing Dropbox viewer info feature. With Zoom features integrated into Dropbox, users can seamlessly communicate, discuss content in real-time, and move projects forward.
  • During a Zoom Meeting, users will be able to share content such as documents, slides, and images from Dropbox and display them on-screen. Accessed content can be saved back to Dropbox from the on-screen Zoom display. For example, while a conversation occurs within a video call, Zoom users can retrieve shared content saved in Dropbox and easily communicate real-time changes that need to be made while it is being presented.

The Zoom and Dropbox integrated experience provides real-time video communications within content storage and sharing.

The Zoom and Dropbox integrated workflow experiences will be available in the first half of 2019.