Zoom Adds More Digital Signage Features Including Video, Scheduling and a Room Signage Mode

Zoom added the ability to turn ANY display or computer with Zoom natively installed into a digital signage display about a year ago. Now, they’ve added scheduling and video-content playback capability at no added cost.

Zoom Rooms Digital Signage allows organizations to share content on displays both in Zoom Rooms and in open areas like entryways. Since releasing this capability, organizations have deployed digital signage to display content such as company news, lunch menus, company branding and sales leaderboards.

A new software feature, called Zoom Rooms Scheduling Displays, runs on tablets placed outside of meeting spaces to help organizations better manage room utilization (such as using an iPad to create a room sign and a digital display using Zoom software). It allows users to see if a room is available or occupied, provides ad-hoc room booking, and offers a “check in” feature to keep the room’s schedule open if it is unused.

In addition, the Zoom Rooms release includes enhancements to their product, known as digital signage, providing customers with more content control, as well as extended support for scheduling display and videos.

New features include:

  • Video upload: In addition to uploading image files and projecting web pages onto digital signage, you can now upload videos for display (supports MP4, MOV, AVI, and WMV formats) via the administration portal. A video can be played by itself or as part of a content list.
  • Mute: Digital signage has a mute option turn off content audio.
  • Schedule: You can now schedule content to run and retire on certain dates. This allows your signage admins to “set it and forget it,” instead of having to frequently upload and delete content.
  • Scheduling display: Scheduling Display is supported on Android tablets (in addition to existing support for iPads).
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Here are all the details.