Zhiyun Debuts DSLR Camera Stabilizer Dubbed CRANE 3 LAB

Zhiyun has announced the CRANE 3 LAB gimbal for professional DSLR and cinema-grade cameras. The CRANE 3 LAB features an L-shaped design, an integrated wireless image transmission system and ViaTouch control system for operation.

The CRANE 3 LAB has a protruded control stick to help provide stability and comfort. Zhiyun says it creates a natural and ergonomic way to hold your stabilizer in a traditional vertical manner or underslung for low-angle shots. The handheld tripod at the base is used as an extra grip and can easily be removed for high-activity shots with the least amount of interference.

The CRANE 3 LAB features a control stick with n OLED display that always displays shutter speed, ISO setting, aperture as well as battery and connection status. It also features the most common settings buttons, a quick-select control dial, and gimbal joystick, all within a finger’s reach. The hands-on control method works no matter at what angle the CRANE 3 LAB is used.

As mentioned earlier, the CRANE 3 LAB is equipped with a wireless image transmission system that allows smartphones and tablets to function as a monitor. Beyond use as just an external monitor, the ViaTouch Control System allows for remote operation of the CRANE 3 LAB through any Android or iOS device running the ZY Play app.

The CRANE 3 LAB supports synchronous zoom and focus on almost all cameras with the TransMount Servo Zoom/Follow Controller Max & TransMount Servo Zoom/Follow Controller Lite. With the zoom trigger and the focus wheel, filmmakers have instant control of the zoom and focus which gives an instantaneous response of the actions performed by the filmmaker.

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The CRANE 3 LAB is $899 and here are the specs.