YoloLiv Announces YoloCast Ardent Streaming Protocol

YoloLiv 1

YoloLiv released a new patented technology in their cloud platform YoloCast, dubbed Ardent Streaming Protocol (ASP). YoloLiv says with Ardent Streaming Protocol, any YoloBox Pro device will stream the same quality regardless of network bandwidth — without packet losses.

Ardent Streaming Protocol (ASP) is a so-called “smart streaming protocol” that YoloCast uses to help ensure your streams are protected from audio and video quality loss. The company says this means that ASP can help to establish an error-free transmission of your live streams, regardless of your network connection. Currently, it only works with YoloLiv’s YoloBox Pro but will be added to others in the future.

ASP claims to differ from other streaming protocols, like RTMP, because it stores and sends more redundant data. This extra redundancy translates to a lower chance of network packet loss and subsequent loss of quality for your multi-bitrate transmission even when you are streaming from a location with an unreliable internet connection or even when switching to a backup network, such as a cellular hotspot.

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ASP works by keeping the video and audio content in a dedicated area (Buffering area) on YoloBox Pro when the network gets interrupted. Once the network resumes, the data stored on YoloBox Pro will be delivered to the YoloCast cloud.

Small network issues mean your video arrives in the cloud out of order, YoloCast ASP’S adaptive recovery retransmits media data to fill in the gaps and make sure you won’t even notice minor network disruptions.