Yealink’s MeetingBoard All-in-One Whiteboard: One Whiteboard to Rule Them All?


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The days of the long-tabled conference room are over. Well, maybe not completely over. But conference rooms come in many shapes, sizes and layouts these days. From huddle rooms to flex spaces to conference room setups of all sizes — we really do meet just about anywhere.

So, what’s the problem with this? Well, unless your customers are #AVtweeps or some kind of power user, they don’t want to learn a new piece of technology each time they enter a unique conference room setup even though they’re all hosted in one office space, even if certain products are better suited for certain room sizes and types.

Plus, flex spaces definitely aren’t going away. With the current hybrid work climate, we will only continue using conference rooms for multiple purposes. So, how do we outfit all these rooms?

According to Yealink, the answer is simple. The company says its MeetingBoard all-in-one whiteboard solves these problems and more with some recent upgrades. The MeetingBoard is an interactive whiteboard with an integrated 4K camera, a speaker, full-duplex microphones and more. With its recent updates, including multiple mount options, a new colorway and more, the all-in-one aims to be your one-stop shop for joining meetings in virtually any space. There is also a full device ecosystem for easy integration with the MeetingBoard. It supports both Teams and Zoom, and it includes “device mode” to meet your organization’s needs.

“We have this full device ecosystem making everywhere the perfect meeting place,” said Daisy Qin, brand marketing manager for Yealink. “I’m talking about detachable optical cameras and also extension mics … So whether it’s an open space or small meeting room or even a training room or large meeting room, there is a solution.”

A User-Friendly Product? Do You Mean an Integrator’s Dream?

According to Tobi Tungl, chief marketing officer at CTI, the MeetingBoard is the ticket for integrators looking to add a meeting product that works for multiple room types.

“Our approach is very much how it fits into a space, how to make it easy, how to make it really, really interesting-looking for people to feel comfortable to use that space,” he said. “It could be as simple as a two-seat huddle space all the way up to a medium-space conference room.”

Tungl said it also doesn’t hurt that the product is simple to use for all types of users.

“I call it extremely user-friendly,” he said. “When people walk in [to a conference room with the MeetingBoard], they’re confident. It’s a consistent experience … and that’s why we lean on this product so heavily because it’s easy to use for everybody from an entry-level person all the way up to the C-suite.”

AI Is For Everyone

What’s more? Yealink says its MeetingBoard also comes equipped with AI-powered tools to support hybrid meetings. Because let’s face it, the rest of our meetings for the foreseeable future will include people joining from home, the airport or the local Starbucks. That doesn’t mean it has to be harder for them to understand what’s happening in a meeting.

“The MeetingBoard, powered by AI, enhances both video and audio with features like auto-framing, speaker tracking and noise cancellation,” Qin said.

The product also includes multi-focus framing and picture-in-picture so that everyone in a meeting can be seen.

The Specs

The MeetingBoard specifications include:

  • 65” or 86” size options
  • Dark or Light colorways
  • Cart or wall mount options
  • 4K camera
  • Auto-framing
  • Speaker-tracking
  • Multi-focus framing
  • Picture-in-picture
  • Electronic privacy shutter
  • 6X or 12X PTZ camera
  • Wireless expansion mics for larger spaces
  • Enhanced AI noise cancellation
  • Reverberation suppression
  • Dedicated AI audio DSP
  • 8m Full Duplex Audio
  • Native whiteboard

If you want to learn more about Yealink’s MeetingBoard and how it can fit into your meeting spaces, learn more here or contact Yealink for pricing information.