Yealink MVC S90 Videoconferencing Bundle Adds AI Features for Boardrooms, Training Rooms and More


MVC S90 Videoconferencing Article Image

Yealink has announced the MVC S90, a videoconferencing system bundle for Microsoft Teams Rooms. The MVC S90 is designed to “transform a ProAV room,” no matter the room type.

The MVC S90 offers AI features for a “seamless experience.” This includes a Multi-Camera Intelligence feature for the boardroom, presenter tracking for the training room and “user-friendly operation” for divisible rooms.


The MVC S90 supports up to nine cameras simultaneously, and the camera can independently and freely track speakers without the need for third-party audio equipment or software. The MVC S90 can separately track the presenter on the stage and audiences off the stage, offering different tracking effects for different roles. Additionally, Yealink says it allows for simple operations to combine or split multiple MVC S90 setups without the need for third-party control devices or complex coding.

Users can capitalize on the benefits of the MVC S90 in the following room types:


While these rooms are typically bigger and accommodate more people, expectations for videoconferencing quality can be high for end users. While traditional conference rooms typically only offer single-speaker tracking, Yealink’s MVC S90 can highlight and display up to four recent speakers on the screen for remote participants through the multi-camera Intelliframe feature, ensuring the “best viewing angles even with slight movements or different sitting positions.”

Check out how it works:

Training Rooms:

For training rooms, it’s imperative that the speaker and the audience are both involved when the training is offered in a hybrid environment. The MVC S90 can seamlessly switch views between the presenter and the audience, keeping everyone in the meeting (whether joining in-person or remotely) engaged effectively.

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The presenter tracking feature offers two triggering modes, gesture and automatic, to activate the tracking feature. In gesture mode, a wave gesture starts tracking while a fist gesture stops it. In automatic mode, entering a specific area initiates tracking, including keeping the presenter centered and automatically shifting to the whiteboard as they write. Also, up to eight cameras can cover the audience area for capturing real-time interactions.

To see how the MVC S90 works in a training environment, watch this video:

Divisible Rooms:

In today’s meeting climate, divisible rooms have become necessary. That is, larger rooms that have the option of being split into smaller rooms to accommodate multiple meeting setups. Creating an AV system for such a room can be a headache for a system integrator. Yealink set out to solve that problem with the MVC S90 — multiple MVC S90s can be configured together to either create a larger space or divide into smaller, independent systems with no interference and no complex program codes.

“The MVC S90 provides AI capabilities that enhance video conferencing in Pro-AV Rooms, said Dawson Cai, product director of the Microsoft Teams Rooms System at Yealink. “Additionally, it works seamlessly with top third-party audio and control solutions like Biamp, Kramer, AMX, and Q-SYS, expanding meeting possibilities.”

To learn more about the MVC S90, click here.