Yamaha’s CS-700 Video Sound Bar Now Zoom-Certified

yamaha zoom

Yamaha Unified Communications announced Thursday that its CS-700 Video Sound Bar is certified for use with Zoom Video Communications, Inc., Zoom Rooms. The certification verifies that the CS-700 is interoperable with Zoom.

Designed for huddle rooms, the Yamaha CS-700 Video Sound Collaboration System is a wall-mounted unit that features an adaptive beamforming microphone array for captured conversation. Four Yamaha speaker elements provide audio intelligibility; a wide-angle HD camera allows the far-end participants to see everyone clearly. Users can quickly connect to any UC platform, including Zoom, via a single USB, eliminating the frustrations and inefficiencies of operating disparate video, audio and collaboration components. With Zoom certification, the software automatically detects the CS-700, enabling mute sync and optimizing the audio in the Zoom cloud. The CS-700’s integrated network management system allows IT staff to deploy and remotely manage each unit from one location.

Along with the certification, Yamaha is releasing new firmware (version 1.4) for the CS-700, allowing all existing devices to upgrade to the new version with audio and video quality enhancement, and usability improvements. The update will also provide Bluetooth connection, mute sync, and in-app optimizations for more comfortable and intuitive huddle room collaboration.

The CS-700 firmware compatible with Zoom Rooms will be provided for free starting March 2020, at Yamaha’s website.