Yamaha Unified Communications Expands Enterprise Sound Bar Lineup

Webp.net resizeimage 5 1Yamaha Unified Communications announced a new model to its Enterprise Sound Bar lineup, the ESB-1090. The model is aimed at remote conferencing, classrooms and hotel guest rooms, lobbies or meeting rooms. The ESB-1090 features three modes: Conference, Education and Hotel.

Yamaha’s ESB-1090 features two subwoofers, two mid-range speakers and two tweeters. It connects to any sound source — display, PC, or mobile device — via HDMI, Bluetooth or an optical cable and analog audio. The unit simplifies setup through the three application modes to achieve suitable sound quality and configuration. Users simply swap between Conference Mode for remote conference purposes, Education Mode for classroom settings or Hotel Mode for lobby or room playback with the included remote. There is also an operation restriction preset to prevent unwanted tampering or changes. It can also be configured for Ethernet operation.