Yamaha Debuts Small Install Speakers

Yamaha has launched the VXS1ML and VXS3S at ISE. Part of Yamaha’s Commercial Installation Solutions (CIS) range, the speakers are designed for background music applications in restaurants, retail outlets, hotel lobbies and other situations where loudspeakers need to be heard but not seen.

Measuring 62x62x82mm and weighing just 0.16kg, the VXS1ML mini satellite Lo-Z (8-ohms) speaker features a major innovation in the marrying of a brand new, specifically-developed large diameter voice coil and ultra-compact 1.5-inch full-range driver, which deliver a frequency response of 180Hz – 20kHz and uniform dispersion of 170-degress, both horizontally and vertically.

A circular mount allows for free angle installation and up to 30° of vertical adjustment. The VXS1ML can be surface mounted, alternatively the optional CMA1MB/CMA1MW allows for in-ceiling installation and the optional RMA1MB/RMA1MW for hanging from a lighting rail. Available in black or white models, the enclosure is also paintable to ensure the loudspeaker unobtrusively blends into any environment.

Complementing the VXS1ML is the VXS3S compact subwoofer, which delivers a rich low-mid sound. Featuring a 3.5-inch driver, switchable Lo-Z (8Ω)/Hi-Z (70V/100V) inputs and Yamaha’s Dual SR-Bass technology the VXS3S measures 320x160x110mm, weighs only 2.4kg and has a frequency range of 65Hz – 180Hz. Also featuring built-in satellite connectors, it can be surface mounted or (with the optional CMA3SB/CMA3SW) mounted within the ceiling. Like the VXS1ML, it is available in black or white and has a paintable enclosure.