Yamaha Shipping Audinate Dante-MY16-AUD Card

Yamaha Commercial Audio announced that AuYamaha-card-0110dinate’s Dante-MY16-AUD cards are now commercially available. These cards are fully compatible with Yamaha digital MY16 card slots and may be ordered through authorized Yamaha Commercial Audio dealers.

The Dante-MY16-AUD card is based on Audinate’s Dante IP audio networking solution. Dante delivers, easy to use, self-configuring, true plug-and-play digital audio networking solution. The Dante-MY16-AUD card can be used to network low latency, sample accurate audio to Dante networked equipment including Yamaha mixing consoles, DME processors and TXn power amplifiers which have MY16 card slots. Each Dante-MY16-AUD card provides 16 bidirectional audio channels (16 channels at 48 kHz, or 8 channels at 96 kHz) over Gigabit Ethernet with real time network redundancy. Multiple cards may be used to support higher channel count.

The Dante-MY16-AUD card is available at a list of $649 and each card includes a licensed copy of the Dante Virtual Soundcard capable of up to 64×64 bidirectional channels. For more information on the MY16-AUD, go to: