Yamaha Goes Big at CEDIA with a Torrent of MusicCast-Enabled Separates, AVENTAGE AV Receivers, Sound Bars

yamaha-musiccast-wx-030-wireless-speaker-image-lifestyleDALLAS (September 15, 2016) – At this week’s CEDIA Expo 2016, Yamaha is introducing a slew of products for the custom installation audience that showcase the company’s extremely versatile and powerful MusicCast multiroom audio ecosystem.

MusicCast is a new way to bring music to every room by offering a multitude of products that can interact in a home wirelessly with control provided by a simple app. Designed to easily work with an existing home Wi-Fi network, MusicCast is unmatched in offering access to audio content from virtually any source.

Highlighting the CEDIA presentation are the new Yamaha WXA-50 and WXC-50 Wireless Streaming Amplifier and Preamp, as well as the full AVENTAGE RX-A 60 Series AV receiver lineup designed with custom integration in mind. Also on display are a pair of high-performing sound bars: the industry leading YSP-5600 sound bar with 7.1.2-channel Dolby Atmos® and DTS:X™ support, and the new YAS-706 with wireless subwoofer and AIR SURROUND XTREME technology. Yamaha flagship AVENTAGE CX-A5100 AV preamp/processor is also displayed as is the WX-010 streaming speaker.

Finally, Yamaha is demonstrating the ultimate in versatility by presenting the new Disklavier™ ENSPIRE reproducing piano, the world’s first multiroom musical instrument that can send its performances wirelessly throughout the home on the MusicCast ecosystem.

WXA-50 Amp and WXC-50 Preamplifier

The Yamaha WXA-50 Wireless Streaming Amplifier and matching WXC-50 Wireless Streaming Preamplifier are designed to supercharge existing speakers and home audio equipment with MusicCast streaming capabilities.
The WXA-50 enables the user to easily connect a pair of their favorite speakers to this stereo amp, then use an existing Wi-Fi network to access a music library, Pandora®, Spotify Connect, Napster® (formerly Rhapsody®) and SiriusXM Internet Radio and more, directly from the MusicCast app. Similarly, connecting the WXC-50 to any AV receiver or stereo amplifier not only adds powerful streaming audio capabilities, but also enables wireless multiroom playback when using legacy products within the MusicCast ecosystem.

Both units provide “pro-grade” connectivity and control features, including a wired Ethernet port, trigger inputs and an auxiliary bus mode, employ a solid metal chassis with a retro modern design in a compact (8.4” wide x 2” high x 9.6” deep) enclosure that can be placed horizontally or vertically and easily integrated into a 1U audio system rack. Two units can fit side-by-side in a 19-inch wide rack space.

CX-A5100 AV Preamplifier

For powerful home theater systems, the flagship Yamaha AVENTAGE CX-A5100 AV preamplifier offers support for Dolby Atmos and DTS:X object-based surround sound and pass through of high quality video up to 4K Ultra HD video support with HDR over HDMI® 2.0/HDCP 2.2 connections. It also adds professional connectors including XLR outlets for sound stability over longer cable runs without signal interference, and built-in MusicCast wireless multiroom audio. The CX-A5100 offers proprietary CINEMA DSP HD3 (HD Cubic) technology enhanced to maximize small speaker performance with a fuller, richer and more immersive sound. When the CX-A5100 is paired with the Yamaha MX-A5000 power amplifier, the combo will produce CINEMA DSP HD3 in an 11.2-channel or 7.1.4-channel configuration for professional-theater quality surround sound at home.

All channels output audio from high-caliber SABRE32™ Ultra DACs, which provide 192 kHz / 32-bit processing with a superior signal-to-noise ratio and high dynamic range for Blu-ray Disc™ players, and high-resolution audio sources distributed over a home network.

The preamp also features the Yamaha exclusive YPAO™ – R.S.C. with 3D, multipoint and angle measurement system to automatically calibrate sound parameters for optimized CINEMA DSP HD3 and Dolby Atmos performance.

AVENTAGE RX-A 60 Series Premium Network AV Receivers

Highlighted by the flagship Yamaha RX-A3060, the AVENTAGE RX-A 60 Series premium network AV receiver line validates the company’s commitment to industry leading craftsmanship and innovation.

All six models bring support for 4K Ultra HD video with HDR, Dolby Atmos and DTS:X, MusicCast and ease and accessibility of control for multi-zone audio installations.

The lineup also offers some of the best auto-room equalization technology in the industry through YPAOTM technology, which in this AVENTAGE lineup allows audiophiles to preserve native sample rates of high resolution audio without down sampling to 48 kHz.

All six models are available now and include the RX-A660, RX-A760, RX-A860, RX-A1060, RX-A2060 and RX-3060.
The RX-A3060 features 11-channel processing and with Dolby Atmos and DTS:X setups of 5.1.4 channels, 7.1.2 channels or 7.1.4 channels (the latter requires connection to an external 2-channel amplifier). The AV receiver outputs 150 watts per channel and is built with top-quality components including ESS SABRE 32-bit DAC with the ability to fine-tune ultra-low jitter phase lock loop (PLL) mode to exactly the desired level. It also offers 64-bit YPAO R.S.C. with 3D, multipoint and 11.2-channel precision auto room equalization.
For multi-zone installations, it will allow advanced HDMI zone switching to a second zone, and features zone extra bass for zones 2 and 3, zone volume EQ and Zone Enhancer processing.

YSP-5600 Sound Bar
The YSP-5600 sound bar is the world’s first sound bar able to play back the new Dolby Atmos and DTS:X sound formats without the need for an additional AV receiver, surround or in-ceiling speakers. This remarkable feat is accomplished using Yamaha exclusive Digital Sound Projector technology, which the company has used in its premium sound bars for over a decade and is uniquely suited to deliver these new multidimensional listening experiences. The YSP-5600 employs the technology together with the use of 44 small speaker drivers, including 12 for the height channels, to create sound “beams” that achieve the equivalent of a 7.1.2-channel speaker system.
The YSP-5600 can be placed on top of TV furniture or mounted on a wall with an optional bracket.

YAS-706 Sound Bar
On display for the first time is the newly introduced YAS-706 sound bar with wireless subwoofer designed to deliver breathtakingly lifelike sound and music, along with the convenience of MusicCast wireless multiroom audio streaming. The sound bar presents a wide, clear and spacious listening experience in all types and sizes of rooms.
Yamaha uses newly designed tweeters and woofers in conjunction with AIR SURROUND XTREME technology that incorporates a 24 kHz HRTF (head related transfer function) surround system. While other virtual surround processing technologies create a spacious but “muddy” sound, this technology delivers more accurate sound directionality — dialogue comes from the front while sound effects move as intended through the sound field, making this sound bar a lead player in the MusicCast family.
At the same time, the center of the 210-watt sound bar features separate amps for treble, midrange and bass. The amp and driver design produces a full range of sound with exceptionally realistic clarity and presence.
Support is included for both popular surround sound technologies, including Dolby TrueHD and DTS-Master Audio™. For music, the sound bar produces high-resolution audio formats.

Yamaha Disklavier ENSPIRE Reproducing Piano Meets MusicCast
This year, MusicCast has expanded beyond the AV entertainment ecosystem to the Yamaha Disklavier ENSPIRE family of reproducing pianos. Now in its seventh generation, Disklavier ENSPIRE is designed to playback the most authentic-sounding live or recorded performances possible, just as the artist intended. Through inclusion of MusicCast, users can now also listen to the piano performance on MusicCast devices in remote rooms, and when fuller arrangements are desired, a Yamaha WXC-50 MusicCast preamplifier can be connected to the Disklavier ENSPIRE to send recorded musical accompaniment along with the piano performance to MusicCast systems and speakers in other rooms. Users can control which rooms receive a performance through the free and easy-to-use MusicCast App available for iOS and Android™ mobile devices.
“CEDIA Expo 2016 will give custom integrators and audiophiles their first chance to see the latest big advances that Yamaha has made to deliver exciting AV home entertainment experiences in a multitude of ways,” said Bob Goedken, general manager, AV division, Yamaha Corporation of America. “With the new MusicCast WXA-50 Streaming Amplifier and the WXC-50 Wireless Streaming Preamplifier, as well as the other speakers, soundbars and receivers, the versatility of MusicCast just expanded exponentially. Now, whatever the customer desires – wired or wireless – they can connect virtually anything, without having to sacrifice high-quality standards.”

Pricing and Availability
The 2016 Yamaha AV products with MusicCast featured at CEDIA EXPO are available exclusively at authorized Yamaha AV dealers with the following MSRPs:
AVENTAGE CX-A5100 AV preamp/processor ($2,999.95 MSRP; available now)
WXA-50 Wireless Streaming Amp ($499.95 MSRP; available now)
WXC-50 Wireless Streaming Preamp ($349.95 MSRP; available now)
AVENTAGE RX-A660 Network AV Receiver ($649.95 MSRP; available now)
AVENTAGE RX-A760 Network AV Receiver ($749.95 MSRP; available now)
AVENTAGE RX-A860 Network AV Receiver ($999.95 MSRP; available now)
AVENTAGE RX-A1060 Network AV Receiver ($1,299.95 MSRP; available now)
AVENTAGE RX-A2060 Network AV Receiver ($1,699.95 MSRP; available now)
AVENTAGE RX-A3060 Network AV Receiver ($2,199.95 MSRP; available now)
YSP-5600 Dolby Atmos / DTS:X Sound Bar ($1,699.95 MSRP; available now)
YAS-706 Sound Bar with Wireless Sub ($999.95 MSRP; early December)

To learn more about the 2016 Yamaha AV product line, please visit http://4wrd.it/MUSICCAST

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