Xyte Deepens Partnership With the HDBaseT Alliance; Universal CloudAV Management Takes Major Step Forward

byte hdbaset alliance

Xyte says it has has deepened its partnership with HDBaseT Alliance members to empower and accelerate various business areas within the audiovisual technology industry. With new features like Xyte Connect, new capabilities like SSH Tunneling, and numerous other applications for asset management, remote support and e-commerce and subscription management, Xyte Device Cloud (XDC) is “simplifying and refining how HDBaseT Alliance members serve their value chains.”

For example, Valens leverages XDC to expand HDBaseT chipset monitoring capabilities, enhancing connectivity and device management for its HDBaseT chipsets and enabling integration with an integrated cloud environment. Valens has expanded its implementation of XDC for monitoring and management of its evaluation kits, providing support to manufacturers (including for product development), integrators and end users.

Xyte has since extended its collaboration with companies in the HDBaseT Alliance such as Legrand, AVPro Edge and WyreStorm, highlighting XDC’s growing prominence across the AV ecosystem.

“Our strategic partnerships with Valens, the HDBaseT Alliance and their members exemplify our dedication to revolutionizing device and hardware management for the audiovisual technology ecosystem,” said Omer Brookstein, CEO and co-founder of Xyte. “We are committed to simplifying and enhancing the customer experience that our partners aim to deliver. With comprehensive features that enable enhanced connectivity, Xyte empowers the HDBaseT Alliance and its members to accelerate their businesses and thrive in today’s dynamic market landscape.”