Xyte Hardware-as-a-Service Platform Offers Cloud Services to Hardware Manufacturing Businesses

XyteXyte is a new company offering what it calls a “Hardware-as-a-Service (HaaS) cloud platform.” Founders Omer Brookstein and Boris Dinkevich came from separate industries on the way to founding the platform — their common interest in the cloud as a transformational business driver brought them together to establish Xyte, formerly known as SyncPro, in early 2020.

Xyte offers hardware manufacturers an end-to-end cloud-based platform to run their HaaS businesses, support their channels and customers and develop new recurring revenue streams. This includes support for what Xyte calls “Digital Products,” an approach that allows manufacturers to remotely enable device features through subscriptions. Xyte’s innovation allows customers to scale their products while helping manufacturers simplify their inventory management and capture new upsell opportunities.

“Different industries are renowned for hardware innovation, but there is an enormous gap between hardware suppliers and modern cloud applications and services,” said Brookstein, CEO of Xyte. Brookstein says that while there are many opportunities that hardware manufacturers could pursue for growth, many of them struggle to capture this opportunity due to the enormous resources needed to develop such a solution. “People often think of HaaS as a subscription-based or financial model. However, successfully operating an HaaS business requires much more. It’s a paradigm change from customer acquisition to customer retention, and Xyte offers the complete toolset required to do so from remotely supporting customers and resolving issues more efficiently through offering managed services, analyzing device usage and more all in one unified platform.”

Workplace by Xyte

Xyte also offers Workplace, an agnostic platform specifically for the ProAV industry. Systems integrators and other service providers, which have free access to the platform, can now offer managed services for their customers, remotely managing and monitoring devices from a growing number of brands.

Brookstein highlights a new business model that AV test company MSolutions is developing based on Xyte’s platform as an example of its revenue-generating value. The company starts by allowing its customers to subscribe to specific test applications, such as a log analyzer for an HDBaseT installation or IP testing for AV-over-IP applications directly from Xyte’s cloud. MSolutions will soon offer a full HaaS model, giving customers access to their device for a monthly fee. They will benefit from full technical support through its dedicated Xyte portal.

“Instead of buying a hardware test device, customers will soon be able to buy test services,” said Brookstein. “The customer still has the physical test device through the subscription period but pays for usage of the applications enabled through Xyte. There is a hardware refresh after a pre-determined period if the subscription remains active; if the device fails, a replacement is shipped. And that customer can activate new test services on the Xyte portal at any time.”

“Our open API ensures that anyone can connect to Xyte,” said Dinkevich, Xyte’s CTO. “Customers today in all industries demand open systems that don’t chain the user to proprietary products. Our platform is a wide-open universe that allows everyone to connect, everyone to configure their devices and everyone to freely develop. There are no limits.”