Xyte Unveils Enhancements to Xyte Connect, Adds Device Management for End Users

xyte enhancements xyte connect

Xyte announced the latest iteration of Xyte Connect, empowering end users to monitor device fleets through a single unified interface. At InfoComm 2024, Xyte will showcase new feature sets adopted by several industry brands, allowing these manufacturers and their partners to collaborate on a unified, cloud-based platform.

Xyte says that Xyte Connect was designed to simplify support for manufacturers in device configuration, setup, management and even software and firmware updates. With this recent update, Xyte Connect now allows AV and IT teams to support their AV and UC systems in a single pane of glass. Since the beginning of 2024, AV manufacturers, including Avocor, Planar, Bluesound Professional, Legrand, Symetrix, Wyrestorm and others, have already harnessed Xyte Connect to optimize services, offer faster support for end users through ticket escalation and customized product catalogs, to eventually move to an AVaaS model.

As of today, Xyte Connect enables those same users to oversee devices from multiple Xyte Device Cloud (XDC) partners, all through a single platform UI. Users can monitor device status, performance metrics and real-time alerts.

“Our enterprise customers often manage networks of devices produced by numerous separate value chains. This creates a serious challenge for IT teams. They don’t want to hop between several different platforms in order to manage their assets,” said Zec Voislav, product director at WyreStorm. “Xyte Connect now provides an avenue through which we can solve this pain point. This is a solution that many of our customers have been asking for.”

“Audiovisual cloud monitoring represents the eyes and ears of the digital era,” says John Hoyt, director of multimedia engineering at BlackRock, “It automatically transforms raw data into symphonies of insights, orchestrating a harmonious future for today’s innovation.”

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“Xyte Connect is more than just a feature. In enabling entire value chains to access fully-scalable cloud infrastructure with the highest levels of enterprise-grade privacy and security, Xyte Connect is a foundational component of XDC,” said Omer Brookstein, CEO and co-founder of Xyte. “By providing end users with unprecedented convenience and security in managing large numbers of devices from different vendors, this new iteration raises the bar in terms of the added value that OEMs can offer their value chains.”