XTEN-AV to Debut New Documentation Tool at InfoComm 2022


XTEN-AV, the world’s first AI-powered, cloud-based AV design and documentation software, has announced the unveiling of new design and engineering services and a brand-new documentation tool, X-DOC, at InfoComm 2022.  Designed to serve as the leading AV design & documentation software, XTEN-AV’s new features are intended to further strengthen the capabilities of the powerful platform. 

As a part of their new design and engineering services, XTEN-AV now offers users high-quality CAD drafting services, a full range of auxiliary drafting services, and more. The services would now be available directly on the platform, independent of your subscription  with XTEN-AV.  

Additionally, with X-DOC, XTEN-AV intends on providing its users with a new-age documentation tool that has the features and functionality that create impactful and insightful documents. Harbored with features like customizable & reusable templates, an easy-to-use-&- learn user interface, a vertical motion workflow, new elements, and more, X-DOC has been engineered to achieve more, increase efficiency and save time. 

“XTEN-AV started as a design automation software. Over the past years, working in close tandem with our users, we have created an immense number of features in order to streamline workflows on the platform. The addition of these new design & engineering services only came as an organic next step to offer our users an all-round catalog of services that take care of every  aspect of their projects,” said Vibhav Singh and Sahil Dhingra, founders of XTEN-AV.  

“X-DOC proves to be a valuable addition to the list of services provided to our users. The game changing documentation tool aims to transform the documentation process of our users by bringing consistency, accuracy, and deal closing in their workflows.”