XTEN-AV Introduces ‘Refer & Redeem Program’

xten av referral

XTEN-AV, the cloud-based, AI-Powered AV Design software, has added a “Refer & Redeem Program” — basically giving users a free month if they recommend a potential user to the platform. The XTEN-AV Referral Program allows users to invite people to register on the platform and in turn, collect points, redeemable as a free monthly subscription. Every XTEN-AV user gets an unlimited number of referrals that can be accessed in the “Referral Tab.”

Here’s a video that explains the program:

XTEN-AV’s software is the only cloud-based AV design and (automated) system drawing package but, it also has a full CMS that generated the proposals for you, too! If you’re a current user, redeeming and referral program is five steps:

  1.  Invite a user by sending them a referral link.
  2. The user joins XTEN-AV using the referral link shared with them.
  3.  XTEN-AV offers its new registrants a free trial period, post which to continue availing of the XTEN-AV services, the user needs to upgrade to a paid plan.
  4.  As soon as your referent upgrades to a paid plan, your account gets credited with points, equivalent to the number of users on their plan.
  5. Collect as many points as the number of users on your plan and redeem them for free usage on the XTEN-AV platform.

If you’re aren’t using XTEN-AV but, are instead, using D-Tools, watch this video and you will likely switch:

You can sign up for a free demo of the software on XTEN-AV’s website.