XTEN-AV database to be co-powered by AV-iQ

California, November 4th, 2019: XTEN-AV LLC has announced a collaboration with AV-iQ to integrate their databases for users on the XTEN-AV design platform. This will streamline product choices for AV systems integrators by having accurate port information about devices and the latest MSRPs.

This association will give all XTEN-AV users access to a combined database of over 500,000 products for creating designs whether by the platform’s Questionnaire method or by the Add your Own BOM method.

Vibhav Singh and Sahil Dhingra said, “We are delighted to partner with AV-iQ, as this integration will enrich our offering greatly and make it convenient for our users to choose their preferred products. This association is a vital step in our journey towards building a comprehensive database to serve the users of  XTEN-AV platform.”

“AV-iQ is positioned to be a central database of product information in the industry by providing data for platforms like XTEN-AV. This is a continuation of our goal to streamline product information delivery for the manufacturers in our program,” added Mark Loftus, owner and president of AV-iQ, LLC.

XTEN-AV’s cloud-based platform ascertains the needs of the project, recommends the best products, creates automated wiring diagrams, bill of materials and end-customer proposals within minutes, thereby increasing productivity tenfold. The built-in CRM and Analytical dashboard help integrators to be on top of their projects and accounts. XTEN-AV strives to enable AV integrators to move away from the legacy methods of project design.