Xilica Launches Sonia Range of Networked Amplifiers and Ceiling Speakers

Xilica Sonia networked amplifiers and ceiling speakersXilica launched Xilica Sonia, a range of networked amplifiers and ceiling speakers for collaboration spaces. The initial Xilica Sonia series includes the Sonia C5, a 5.25-inch in-ceiling speaker with an even dispersion pattern. Sonia C5 is powered by Xilica’s new Sonia Amp, a PoE+-enabled amplifier with an integrated network switch that can power up to eight Sonia C5 speakers in a daisy chain. One Sonia Amp has four individual channels and can also power Sonia C5 speakers across four neighboring meeting rooms.

Sonia Amp’s integrated network switch features a PoE port suitable for serving both power and Dante-networked audio to a ceiling-mounted microphone array. This creates a single CatX drop to the ceiling for a full room audio system. Additionally, standard category cable connectivity between Sonia Amp and Sonia C5 eliminates the need for a traditional polarized speaker wire, power calculations and proprietary installation practices by IT technicians.

The Sonia C5 and Sonia Amp are Plenum-rated and feature integrated mounting capabilities that allow Sonia Amp to be affixed to the rear of a Sonia C5 speaker, eliminating the need for external amplifier racks. Sonia C5 offers a removable, magnetic and fully paintable grille with a detachable logo to blend into any space.