Xantech’s New Universal IR Kit Is Teeny-Tiny

xantech-ir-0914Core Brands is introducing the new flagship Xantech EN85K Ensemble universal infrared (IR) kit. Engineered to send IR signals easily from a remote control to devices in separate locations, these IR kits now provide a new micro-sensor, more housing options and the brand’s dependable circuitry to provide high performance, flexibility and design to any single- or multi-zone installation.

The new Xantech EN85K Ensemble universal IR kit leverages the same receiver chip as the Xantech DL85K and now features a small micro IR sensor — no larger than a dime. While traditional A/V installations and electronics require line-of-sight for enabling IR remote control, the new compact sensor allows users to reroute the IR signals to any separate location — enabling equipment to be hidden out of sight yet operated in areas such as behind cabinet doors or inside equipment closets. The kit utilizes the new sensor design packaged along with the Xantech hardware (connecting block and IR emitter).

The all-in-one IR kit now also includes several housing options which snap-in-place to attach onto the back of any display (no tape or screws), projection screen or other minimal surface. These include a surface mount option, allowing users to easily affix the sensor directly to a TV bezel or any flat visible surface, and a TV mount housing — specifically designed for zero-bezel screens that can be connected onto the rear surface of a display or curved TV screen. Also included is a flush mount housing that allows the sensor to be snapped directly into a cabinet or in-wall installation, while the kit’s shelf-top housing can be easily snapped into place within any shelf or tabletop installation.

Here are the kit’s details.