X2O Media Launches Open Source Version of Its Content Management System

120210---X2O-Media---X2O-Portal-0212X2O Media’s web-based portal not only allows users to manage digital assets that are displayed with X2O’s media players, but also now integrates with a number of third-party players. This “opening” of the X2O Portal is a strategic shift for X2O, which is encouraging player manufacturers to use its content management platform while continuing to support its own players. According to X2O with its “Open Content Management Framework,” partner players will have access to a comprehensive user management system that allows digital signage network administrators to define user roles and permissions, limiting access to specific portal features, player locations and content. It also provides them with real-time data feed-management tools.

You can learn more about X2O’s Content Management System here: http://www.x2omedia.com/prod_xpresenter_overview.asp