X2O Media Announces Partnership With FutureDJs — Bringing the Classroom to Music Students

X2O Media announced a global partnership with music education company FutureDJs this week. X2O Media, part of the STRATACACHE family of marketing technology companies and FutureDJs will make music education widely accessible globally, all through X2O Media’s virtual classroom technology.

FutureDJs is providing ways to support teaching music, making music education globally accessible with its Virtuoso classroom, built on top of the core X2O Virtual Classroom, an immersive remote learning solution. Partnering with X2O Media for the technology to bring advanced remote learning experiences, FutureDJs have now found a dynamic way to bridge the knowledge gap, support the teaching of music and reshape music education across the world.

The X2O Virtual Classroom offers an experience similar to that of in-classroom participants. The scalable solution enables up to 120 remote participants to appear at one time on avatar displays with directional audio and dedicated cameras. FutureDJs’ students will be able to learn from teachers and professional DJs either face-to-face or remotely, making learning accessible to everyone, wherever they are in the world.

From working with a community of tutors in schools around the country to having the flexibility and scale of the X2O Virtual Classroom, FutureDJs will deliver a learning experience that enables opportunities for musicians, DJs and teachers to teach and to engage with fans and students in an immersive way.

Through the X2O Virtual Classroom, all participants have a unique perspective during a session with a dedicated “seat” in the classroom. With the directional audio, the teacher can move around the room addressing individuals, so students have the experience of being “virtually together.” The X2O Virtual Classroom offers persistent sessions, making class content downloadable even once it has finished. The solution also provides a physical and virtual whiteboard, accessible by both teacher and participant, enabling and enhancing collaboration. There is also the ability to offer breakout sessions and split out into virtual working groups, with the teacher able to move between groups as if the students are physically in the room.